What our clients have to say about the Curlew Experience!
Holly D
“A Wonderful Experience”
Our company went on a two hour excursion when we were in town for our annual meeting. This trip was great fun! The staff was friendly, kind, and courteous. They really went above and beyond to educate, entertain, and make us feel welcome. The “team building” experience raising the sails was also pretty hilarious and really set the tone for a fun afternoon. Thank you to all of the crew for making this such a great experience! 

Carter English
Thanks for the very relaxing experience. It was well worthwhile!

Lori Burns
Great experience. Very relaxing. What a great thing to do for wellness

Armen Kharajian
A very good experience. The crew was very friendly and accommodating. Would love to do this again!

Arielle Czerwinsk
Awesome experience. Everyone was so nice and knowledgeable. I had a great time!

Andy Mak
This was one of the best experiences I’ve had. I learned so much and Dr. Taub is my inspiration.

Jaime Silva
Fun! Thanks for the eats and drinks and kind company. I really needed to DE-STRESS!

Tania Portillo
Very important! Good for team bonding activity. Should be offered to everyone.

Kiah Beraglio
So happy to be part of this fantastic experience. Thank you!

Kara Wrobel
Terrific day. Relaxing. Incredible experience

Trudy White
Beautiful, peaceful fun!

Erica Frumin
Wonderful day, great message as we head into our careers

Lauren Tracy
Great day, beautiful boat, scenery and people. I liked the short

Laurne Pellman

Emerson Posa
Beautiful environment

Brenton Alexander
Refilled my energy

James Suchy

Melissa Westermann
This was wonderful! Thank you. Beautiful day & great boat

David Stayt

Just what I needed at the time in my life. The people, the views, the love. Thanks

Holland Shaw
I spent my 4th of July evening on board the historic Curlew. The entire evening was a relaxing spectacular! Starting from the boarding, pre-departure drinks, sailing off the harbor, the company of the entire crew, staff and guests on board. The appetizers, location of anchoring the sailboat for tremendous views of the firework displays, and the music playing on board, were mindfully thought out. As an employee of a large commercial airline, coordinating inflight services, caring and serving the passengers and customers involved, this experience was a delightful one and I look forward to another sail onboard the Curlew!